Rental uniforms

The Regent Difference

We carry all of the core uniforms a commercial laundry needs.

Product Innovation

We've been improving our products for, oh, just the last 95 years. Quality gets better and better.

Durability and Reliability

All of our garments are designed to be reused without sacrificing quality. Hello profitability.

Trusted Supply Chain

Constructed of high quality fabrics sourced from our top-notch network of domestic mills.

The Right Fit

Size matters. And so does a consistent fit. We don't contract out production so you can rely on the same quality and fit. Everytime.

Quick Access

We stock in multiple locations in the US which means you don't have to wait long to receive our products.

Commitment to Service

We don't look good unless your customers do.

Gallery of Uniforms

For a complete selection of made-to-order Regent products available for Uniform Rental Companies, click here.

Rental Uniform solutions for your business

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